Glasgow Mistress Vixen

I am Mistress Vixen, a Glasgow Mistress and Dominatrix. I am a kinky Femdom who eats, lives and breathes fetish and fantasy and who greatly enjoys all aspects of BDSM

As a Glasgow Mistress, Kink is my life, so much so that I am the owner of Scotland’s largest BDSM dungeon.
Impact Therapies Dungeon in Glasgow consists of 5 beautiful and unique chambers from where I session.

As my name alludes I am as intelligent as I am cunning. A Glasgow Mistress and Dominant Alpha female with a multifaceted personality; I can be cruel, fierce and sadistic and I can also be nurturing, tender and playfully fun with my BDSM sessions. I’m sometimes a bittersweet blend of both depending on the kind of session we have together.


I thoroughly love what I do, it runs through my blood and it is my deepest passion. I have been interested in fetish, kink and personal fantasies in D/s relationships for as long as I can remember.

I’ve an extensive background in psychology and counselling, which means I am an excellent reader of body language and have an understanding and respect for the human psyche; desires, wants, and needs which assists me in dungeon sessions.

As a fetishist myself with very few personal limits I enjoy nothing more than exploring fetishes with others. Nothing kink related shocks me. This means you can feel comfortable discussing and exploring your deepest fetishes and fantasies with me during our time together… and who knows, we might even find lots more things you didn’t even realise turned you on before we met!

I’m a person centred Mistress which means I treat every person and every BDSM session as a unique experience and will work with you throughout to make our sessions together fulfilling, pleasurable and unique. I enjoy being a Mistress to all types of people regardless of Sex/gender/sexuality identification, body shape/size, age or experience level.

So be assured I will enjoy our session together just as much as you assuredly will.

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I look forward to meeting you