Abduction Play


You stand, oblivious. Perhaps you have foolishly arranged to meet someone for a date? Maybe you are just walking along minding your own business? Or you have arrived for a job interview and as you wait everything in your body tells you something isn’t quite right…

Suddenly, you feel a leather gloved hand around your neck as a bag is forced over your head. “Get down on the ground you fucking bitch!” You can do nothing but comply as I tie and tape you, all senses hyper-vigilant as your experience sensory deprivation.

I take you where no one can hear your screams and you are mine to do with as I please…. What will it be? Keep you in confinement? Use you as a slave to humiliate for my amusement? Just totally use you in any way I please….

You are disorientated I take the bag off your head.. You see me towering above you, clad in leather with dark glasses. You WILL tell me all your secrets! Whatever I want to know, I will find your weakness… I will make you talk. .. I will strip you bare in every sense… What will happen to you now………….?


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