Abduction Play


Have you ever fantasies about being abducted? This is a very popular fantasy which I have helped to facilate many times.

The story/fantasy is always different as you are unique and so will never want exactly the same thing as someone else but it boils down to this..

The fear/excitement and adrenaline rush or being taken away from your familiar surroundings
Not knowing where you are or what is going to happen to you only that I am there to make you submit to your fate.
BDSM abduction

The types of abductions I have conducted are very varied. One of my most recent abduction/kidnapping sessions went like this:

I messaged the victim the day before the abduction to tell him to be at a specific location and I would tell him information that would benefit him. He was a rich business man and at 1stwas (stupidly) arrogant.. saying that it better be worth his time.

The next day after making him go on a wild goose chase I met him outside a café. I was wearing shades and a trench coat, leather gloves and was smoking a long white menthol cigarette.

I told him that his wife knew about the affair he was having with his secretary and hired me to ‘take care of him’ and that I had a gun with a silencer in my bag and he better come with me or I would kill him.

I led him, with the gun pointed into his back into an office building and we rode the elevator while he made his excuses and I told him to shut the fuck up, gagged and blindfolded him.

He was then pushed into a room and searched completely. I took his blind fold and gag off and he stupidly called me a ‘Bitch’.
I brought my face close to his and I whispered ‘I fucking hate that word’ slapped him hard with my leather gloved hand spat in his face and forced  him hard against the wall and cuffed him.

I led him to a dark room and told him that I was going to make him tell me the account details for the two bank accounts his wife knew about that contained over a million in each.

The stupid fuck thought he was being smart opening secret bank accounts to hide from his wife but you cannot outsmart me. I told him I knew all about the fact he was planning to leave her penniless and I was going to make him suffer.

I hogtied him and kicked him.. he was beginning to realise he was in a very serious situation and I was a very dangerous woman.

I lit one of my long white menthol cigarettes and took a long draw exhaling a plume of smoke into his face..

‘You see, you pathetic piece of shit.. this is not going to end well for you.. we can do this the easy way or the hard way..’

‘You won’t get a penny from me bitch’

My lips curled into a snarl and I took a long drag of my cigarette.

‘The hard way it is then’

I left him hogtied gagged and blindfolded and slammed left the room slamming the door behind me.

I returned with my ‘Kit’

I quickly untied him, dragged him up off the floor and pushed him into a bondage chair where I cuffed his arms. I pulled off his trousers and pants and pushed his legs apart and restrained them.

As I pulled out my violet wand a look of worry came over his face …

I conducted a LOT of cock and ball torture. .. Only stopping to smoke right into his face as he choked and pleaded with me to stop..

‘Another thing you should know bitch is that your wife and I have become very close. We are lovers, and I fuck her way better than you ever could with your pathetic little prick. In fact, we were fucking before I met you this morning and she came multiple times. We were laughing about you and your pathetic cock and about how you could never make her cum’

I tortured him more.. ‘You will give me the fucking account details’
I was relentless, with sadistic physical and mental torture until he broke..

‘Ok.. Ok.. I will give you the account details’

I smiled .. picked up my phone and called his wife and my now lover..

‘Hello darling.. little prick is ready to give me the account details.’

He gave me the information I was looking and my lover transferred the money into our new joint account.

‘Yes, darling, book the flights to Barbados for this evening. I can’t wait to finger fuck you while licking your clit until you scream in extasy.. also, would you like me to kill him?’

It was decided that he should live for now but that he would be penniless with all money he made going towards funding mine and his soon to be ex wife’s luxurious lifestyle.  If he dared try anything stupid I would know and the next time I wouldn’t be as forgiving.. ….