Impact play/Corporal Punishment

Impact Play Corporal Punishment 1

I am skilled in all forms of impact play whether you would like a sensual flogging or an extreme caning session I am the woman to see.

Perhaps you feel you need to be punished for something naughty you have done?  I use CP in all number of scenarios. Perhaps you are a naughty school boy/girl who has been caught doing al sorts of bad things.

You will be sent to Head mistress Vixen for a good old fashioned over the knee spanking or perhaps six of the best.  As well as having a fully equipped schoolroom in my dungeon I have a fine selection of tawses, canes, belts, burches slippers, gym shoes and everything you could imagine being punished with in a schoolroom setting! I might even throw the blackboard duster at your head!

Perhaps you are simply a masochist and enjoy the sensation you receive from pain. If so then allow me to unleash my sadistic desires upon you.

I can build up your pain threshold and I have many clients who can’t believe how much they can take now compared to when they first came to see me.

I also offer very sensual forms of impact play. I have a selection of beautiful floggers (My new Amelea hawk Kabunza leather nunchuck Finger floggers are my current favourites) that can be used very sensually and carefully so that you get the beautiful endorphins and spacy feeling without much pain. 

I think there is nothing sexier than putting you over my knee and giving a hand spanking. There is something about the intimacy and the flesh on flesh that really does it for me. I could literally have someone over my knee getting spanked all day! I literally almost have as well!!

From rubbing and gentle slaps and taps to absolutely brutal arse reddening skelps I love it ALL and use variation of techniques and different power and tempo to make an OTK spanking from me something you will never forget.

I have friends who are hugely into spanking and they tell me I give the best spankings they have ever had. So really it’s something that you should put on your bucket list! An over the knee spanking by Mistress Vixen of Glasgow!!

Impact Play Corporal Punishment 3