It is a huge thing coming to see a Pro-Domme for the 1st time. You may have had a yearning for as long as you can remember to submit to a powerful woman or a fetish you have always wanted to play out.  Your sexuality is such a huge part of who you are and it’s scary to entrust that in another.

What not to worry about!!

Not having experience

Never worry if you don’t have any experience or even if you don’t entirely know what you want/enjoy. This is where I come in. I will guide you through your journey every step of the way whether it be into submission or exploring new fantasies and fetishes. Everyone has to be a beginner at some point and it’s never too late to experience new things!

That you will be made to do things you don’t want to do

You will never be asked to do anything that you don’t want to do or enjoy! (Unless this is your thing!)

Absolutely every moment you spend with me from the moment you walk in the door until the moment you leave is absolutely consensual.  You are with me because you want to be with me. If you feel uncomfortable at any point you can let me know.

Forget the stereotype of the archetypal whip brandishing dominatrix (though I do that! 😉) who will grab you as soon as you walk through the door and subject you to whatever she likes.  It isn’t like that at all. By the time we are ready to begin sessioning together I will know exactly what you like and dislike and what sort of session you will enjoy. 

I will meet you with a smile and hello and we can chat prior to our session.  If you feel any anxiety (which is absolutely normal!) I can help make you feel calm and safe.  We are at the end of the day both feeling human beings, it is only our dynamics that are different in that generally you will be submissive to me or at least I will be the one topping you in the session. This does not mean that you have no choice in what happens to you.

Every session will be catered to what you enjoy! It’s just handy that I absolutely love every aspect of my work so I will enjoy every second too!

Professional dominatrices are scary evil sociopaths

Again, forget the stereotypes. If you visit a Pro-Domme who doesn’t care deeply about your wellbeing then they are not worth their salt and shouldn’t be doing what they do.  You have to love and care for people to be a true dominant.

Even if you enjoy fetish/fantasy/kink where you are subjected to pain, humiliation, degradation and I am enjoying every minute of making you endure it all, make no mistake that I will be constantly checking in (even if you don’t notice) to make sure you are ok. I will be reading body language and cues from you as to how far to take things and will always build up accordingly.

I work with the traffic light system when it comes to safe words, so if you say Amber I know that you don’t want things to stop but you would like them to change/slow down/move on and if you say Red the session will stop right away and I will make sure you are ok. 

I care about your wellbeing and about your sexuality. I believe that submission is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give someone and I never take that for granted. I respect all fetishes and fantasies and feel honoured and privileged to share and be a part of them with you.

You and your sexuality will be respected at all times. You will be understood and listened to. I am nurturing and can be kind, sensual and loving as well as being strict, cruel and sadistic. Always remember that.

Things I can do to help ease your nerves

Phone and skype sessions before a real life meeting

We can have a phone or skype session before you come along to see me in real life. We can discuss the things you enjoy or even just what we both had for dinner if you like. If you are feeling nervous having a phone or skype session with me before hand will put you at ease. We can talk through your session and what you should expect and we can also get a better feel for each other so that you aren’t worried about what to expect when you come to see me.

Talking sessions

I am a psychologist and have studied counselling/Psychotherapy. I was on the path to becoming a counselling psychologist when I decided that I could help more people by becoming a Pro-Dominant.

I do talking sessions *Clickable* for a reduced price, where you can come in for half an hour or an hour and just chat to me. When the pressure of playing out your wildest fantasies is taken away you can relax into just chatting about them with me. 

BDSM, fetish/fantasies and human psychology are my favourite things to talk about. I am absolutely fascinated by what turns you on to the point that it turns me on too! I am a fetishist myself and absolutely nothing you can say could ever shock me. You may feel that your fetish/fantasy is weird but I promise you, it is not. I bet I’ve had many clients with the same feelings as you.