I prefer to spend at least an hour with you for a comprehensive BDSM session.

My Session Rates are as Follows:

One hour session -£130 *Discounted rates after 3 hours*
Half hour session- £80
One and a half hour session- £200

Double sessions (With a Domme or Submissive) – £240 per hour

Couple session- £180

Splosh single- £150
Splosh mutual- £200

Skype sessions – Quarter of an hour £30 *Minimum 15 mins*
Phone sessions – Quarter of an hour £25 *Minimum 15 mins* 

Extended bondage/restraint/imprisonment

*Minimum four hours*
Four hours (minimal interaction) – £320
Four hours- (with interaction) £450 + *This will negotiated depending on length of play desired*

If you don’t see pricings for the type of session you are looking for then contact me to ask.

Session length advice

For a first session with me especially if it’s your 1st time seeing a professional dominatrix, I would recommend a two-hour session or a minimum of 1 and a half hours. This is to allow you to get your bearings and feel comfortable. This will ensure that you can take time and relax into a session with me.

I am not a clock watcher, so you will never feel rushed with me. If I don’t feel the session has come to its natural end then I will take extra time with you.  Aftercare is of the upmost importance to me. If I feel you aren’t ready to leave after a session because you are perhaps still in subspace or have been through a lot either physically or mentally, I will sit with you until you are ready to leave. You will not be charged extra for this.  Any care you receive after a session is included in the price. If you feel concerned or have any questions about the session after you leave you can also email me.

Please don’t worry! You will more than likely go away from a session feeling Fantastic! Subspace/Feeling mental shifts and changes can happen and I will be there for you to help you feel ready to go back into the real world again.