Tie and tease

I command you to sit legs spread on our metallic bondage chair.. I may blindfold you while I tie you up.. or maybe I will allow you to watch.. as I stroke your skin with rope, my leather glove, my wicked smile and stare..looking inside you..


You are bound and helpless now as I tie the last knot around you.. my breath hot on your ears as I whisper to you our secrets about the things I will do to you.. or as I look into your eyes and demand to know what turns you on the most.. will I oblige?
My latex dress hugs my athletic, strong figure while my ample cleavage spills over the top..


You can watch me.. my captured one.. I will show you glimpses and tease you into agony, hard and needing me.

You can look… but you can never touch….

*Unless you beg –See Body worship!

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